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Manchester Tank Gas Grill Repair Parts

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  • The burner is the thing inside and on the bottom of the grill that spits out the fire!
  • The cooking grids or cooking grates can be single or come in a set of two.  They are the primary cooking surface where you generally cook the food.
  • The radiant can be any system used in an effort to spread the heat evenly under the cooking surface.  Some brands use a grate and lava rock, others may use a single or multiple metal shields of some type.
  • The warming rack is the secondary cooking surface generally used to raise the barbecued food above the direct heat from the burner and to keep the food warm until served.  It's also a great place to slow cook pork or chicken when the grill is kept closed.
  • Miscellaneous items may be wheels, casters, igniter components, etc.

    For more information on grill components please visit our "How To" section.