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Ceramic Briquettes - by Broilmaster - (2in. x 2in.) - 69 Count

Item #DPA34

69 count, genuine Broilmaster Ceramic Briquettes, each measuring 2in. x 2in. for a total of 276 sq. in. coverage. Broilmaster briquettes feature a dome shape to help with self-cleaning properties and increase radiant heat distribution. For use with briquette trays and racks that utilize a 2in. x 2in. briquette, or an upgrade for grills that utilize lava rock grates.

Are your briquettes broken, cracked or caked with grease and contaminants? Maybe you’ve been using lava rock and you’re ready to up your grill game? These premium briquettes allow maintaining stable cooking temperatures with less gas, while protecting your burners.  Ceramic briquettes vaporize drippings from food, enchanting the flavor of your grilled dishes by creating flavorful smoke and vapor that infuse into the food.

What’s Included:

  • 69 - Genuine Broilmaster Ceramic Briquettes, 2in. x 2in.  (192 sq. in. coverage).


  • For Broilmaster and other Brands that utilize heat grates with lava rock or briquettes. A serious upgrade from Lava rock; distribute briquettes evenly for exceptional performance.
  • For use with Briquette Trays that utilize 2in. x 2in. briquettes, such as gas grills by Lynx, Alfresco, Dynasty, GE Monogram and more.

Broilmaster briquettes are a popular, economical choice for many grillers seeking improved heat control, flavor enhancement, and extended grill life.


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