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Grease Scraping Tool - by Weber® (12in. x 1-5/8in.)

Item #69257

Genuine Weber® Grease Scraping Tool for BBQ grills. This handy 12in. composite plastic tool with a 1-5/8in. wide angled head edge is perfect for cleaning the inside of your BBQ firebox, getting gunk of griddles, grease trays, and more.  Includes attached hanging loop.

Crafted with a firm yet flexible handle, it gives you the perfect grip and control while you scrub away. This nifty tool is your ultimate sidekick for tackling the gunk and grime inside your BBQ firebox, on griddle grease traps, BBQ baskets and trays, and so much more. It’s wide enough to blitz through those big, greasy areas, yet compact and nimble for those sneaky, hard-to-reach spots.

What’s Included:

  • (1) Genuine Weber® Composite Plastic Grease Scraping Tool (12in. length with 1-5/8in. scraping head) and hanging loop.


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