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Lrg. Disposable Cooking Pans - 10 pack - (13in. x 9in.)

Item #6416

Genuine Weber® Grills 10-pack of disposable aluminum foil large cooking pans/catch pans in a generous 13in. x 9in. size. 

Prevent flare-ups with indirect cooking with aluminium foil pans. Use under a rotissarie spit, or as a grilling pan for veggies and shrimp. And, the secret to delicious gravy? A simple foil drip pan. Place a drip pan directly under your birds or roast to catch those flavorful juices that will soon become the most delicious gravy you've ever tasted.

What’s Included:

  • (10) Large Weber Aluminum Foil Cooking Pans (External dimensions: 13in. x 9in. x 2in., internal dimensions: 11in. x 7in. x 2in.)

For disposable grease catch tray foil liners see items 6415 and 6417. 


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