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Charmglow Gas Grill Replacement Parts

About Charmglow Recent Models
Recent Charmglow models are sold by Home Depot and Lowe's.
These models vary one from the other and the replacement parts vary between the models.

Lowe's® Charmglow Gas Grill Parts
Model Numbers (710 Series):  720-0036, 0230, 0234, 0289, 0304, 0396, 0536
Complete List of Charmglow Grill Parts by Category
Charmglow Heat Plate Set Charmglow Stainless Tube Burner Charmglow Grill Part:  Burner Shield Grill Parts:  Electronic Ignitor Spark Generator Charmglow Cast Iron Burners
Charmglow Vintage Models
The "Charmglow" brand name has been around since the beginning of gas grilling. Many of the original or vintage models were installed by gas companies throughout the states as early as the 70s and are still cooking today. Following are some model listings for those Charmglow gas grill models.

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