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Coleman Powerhouse

This is the Powerhouse MasterFlame system. Gas controls are on the front of the grill.

Coleman Powerhouse Plus

This is the Powerhouse Plus Precision Flame system and the gas controls are on the right side of the grill.

Measure Your Grate

A quick measurement of your cooking grid will help you determine which series is correct for your grill. The first measurement is width (front to back), followed by length (side to side).

Length measurements include total combined measurement on split (two section) grids.

Coleman gas grills have been manufactured by W.C. Bradley (Char-Broil), Sunbeam and currently by the Coleman Company. The parts we carry are for Coleman grills manufactured by W.C. Bradley prior to 1999 and use the Char-Broil MasterFlame and Precision Flame burner systems.

Brand name confusion! The parts are not the same between manufacturers. Be sure to use comparisons of photos and measurements to assure parts are correct for your Coleman model.

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