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31" X 7-3/4" Warming Rack, DCS (Replaces OEM Part 214030)

Item #D2S2J
Stainless steel warming rack. Measures 31" X 7-3/4". Constructed of 304 grade solid stainless steel rod. Fits DCS models: BGA36-BQAR, BGA36-BQARL, BGA36-BQARN, BGB36-BQAR, BGB36-BQARN, BGB48-BQRN, DCS36-BQARN, DCS36D-BQARN, DCS36E-BQARN, DCS48-BQRN, DCS48D-BQAN, DCS48D-BQARN, DCS48D-BQRN, DCS48E-BQRN, DCS48E-BQRL, DCS48DS-BQA, DCS48DS-BQAR.  Quality Aftermarket Part.  Replaces DCS OEM Part 214030.
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