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Propane Regulator and Dual (2) Hose Assy. (2 x 22in.)

Item #HR5B

5/16in. ID propane/LP gas hose. 2 (dual) 22 inch length hoses with a brass 3/8in. female hex nut flare connectors, assembled to a single propane regulator that features a QCC1 connection with large hand nut that attaches to the propane tank. Created for gas grills requiring a second feed hose for a side burner, etc. 

Are your gas lines cracked, split, or damaged? Is your regulator faulty and not supplying enough fuel to your burners? Check your gas line for cracks, rodent tooth marks and potential leaks around fittings. The diaphragm inside the regulator can become damaged or weakened. Over time, regulators experience wear from exposure to heat, weather, and general use. Order your replacement hose and regulator assembly today!

What’s Included:

  • (1) Dual Hose Regulator Assy, with (2) 5/16in. x 22in. hoses with single attached regulator with integrated QCC1 to-tank connection.
  • Instruction sheet.


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