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Flavorizer Bars-Stainless Steel-5pc Set (22-1/2")

Item #65903

Genuine Weber Flavorizer Bars made in Stainless Steel in 22-1/2" lengths. Weber Flavorizer Bars/Burner Shields direct grease and drippings away from the burner tubes, reducing flare ups, while enhancing food flavor by vaporizing drippings.


  • Set of 5 stainless steel Weber Flavorizer Bars


  • 22-1/2" length

Fits these following Weber grill models:

  • Weber Genesis Silver B/C
  • Weber Spirit 300 Series (2012 and Older)
  • Weber Spirit 700
  • Weber 900

About Burner Shields:
Different manufacturers use different names for heat deflectors - Flavorizer Bar, heat shield, Flame Tamer, Savor Plate, heat radiant, vaporizing panels, baffle plates, Flav-R-

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