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Flavorizer Bar Set - 5pc. - Porcelain Coated Steel - (22-1/2in.)

Item #7536

Genuine Weber® Steel Flavorizer Bars finished in a heat resistant porcelain enamel coating. 5 piece set, each bar measures 22-1/2in.

Weber® Porcelain Coated Steel Flavorizer Bars are shields that act like the armor your burners deserve, protecting them from the relentless assault of grease, drippings, and whatever else the grill gods throw their way. Not only does this extend the life of your burners, but vaporize drippings like it’s nobody's business. Infuse your food with that smoky, savory goodness while protecting your burners with new Weber Flavorizer Bars from

Fits these following Weber grill models:

  • Weber Genesis Silver B/C
  • Weber 300 Series (2012 and older)
  • Weber Spirit 700
  • Weber 900


  • (5) 22-1/2in. Weber Flavorizer Bars in porcelain enamel coated steel:
  • Durable Porcelain Coated Steel
  • Genuine Weber® Replacement Part


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