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Weber Q300/320 And Q3000/3200 Burner Tube Set

Item #65032
Burner tube set for Weber Q300/320 and Q3000/3200 models.  Set includes one "P" shaped burner tube, one "straight" burner tube, mounting hardware and installation instructions.  Overall burner length is 24", including mounting tab. Center burner tube measures 21-1/4".  This burner set fits the newer Q3000/3200 (2014 to Current) and the older Q300/320 (2013 and Older) models.  IMPORTANT: The igniter electrode from the older Q300/320 models (2013 and Older) will "NOT" work properly for this redesigned burner set.  If you are installing part 65032 into an older Q300/320 model (2013 and Older), it is necessary to install a new igniter kit, Part 60092 (Manual) or Part 63788 (Electronic).  Genuine Weber Part.
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