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Gas Grill Repair & Maintenance

Grill Body Mainentance

Most grills have bodies made of cast aluminum, which has traditionally been used because of its resistance to rust and its ability to hold and distribute heat evenly. Aluminum castings are very durable and often come with 10 year to lifetime guarantees. The quality of the casting varies by thickness and grade of aluminum. Also available are porcelain coated steel and stainless steel grill bodies which offer a high level of rust resistance while sacrificing some grill efficiency.

Inside the Grill

Food grease is extremely corrosive and should be periodically cleaned from the grill. Use a putty knife to scrape and remove accumulated grease and vacuum the inside of the grill. Left unattended over a period of time, these food acids will actually corrode away the bottom of the grill. Do not use a putty knife on porcelain coated surfaces as this will damage the porcelain and expose the steel to the corrosive food greases.

White Spots

Aluminum is resistant to rust but extreme temperatures and weathering may cause oxidation to form white spots. It has been our experience that the use of a grill cover will minimize but not eliminate this problem. Oil or polish will help the situation.

General Cleaning

Use a mild soap and water and wash the grill as you would your car.

Vegetable Oil

A light coating of oil applied with a soft rag will add luster and offer protection to the outside of the castings. Heavier coatings of vegetable oil will have a tendency to build up and appear sticky. Coat the inside of the grill when it is new or when it is clean to give it extra protection from food acids.

Stove Polish

- Is available as a liquid or paste and can be applied with a soft cloth. The polish contains black pigments which will revitalize the finish by adding color and the wax offers protection from the weather.

Refinish Castings

  1. Clean the exterior to remove burned on grease and oils
  2. Lightly sand with steel wool, medium emery paper or fine sandpaper
  3. Clean off residue with a vinegar and water solution. This neutralizes the finish. Rinse with clear water
  4. Once dry, paint with a high temperature paint. These paints can withstand very high temperatures and are commonly available where other paints are sold
  5. High temperature paints are cured by heat. After the paint has thoroughly dried, bake it on by operating grill for 15 minutes on a medium heat

Glass Windows

The glass can be cleaned using a water and ammonia mixture. Windex or other glass cleaners will also work. Abrasive cleaners and pads will scratch the glass surface. Never attempt to clean the glass when it's hot and do not use cleaners containing lye or oven cleaner. If the glass is removed to clean, be sure to allow a loose fit in the frame which gives the glass room for expansion when heated.

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Please note: The information provided is not intended to take the place of the owners manual that was supplied with your grill. Specific safety, repair and maintenance information varies between grill models and brands. Always refer to your owners manual.