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rotisserie chicken
There's some sort of college basketball tournament happening, and all of those free throws made us think of the different ways we like to grill up our fine feathered friends. The Weber rotisserie high on our list for cooking methods, plus people seem to get a lot more use out of the hardware than they expect (perfect prime rib? check.). See how easy it is to get up & running with one, or just jump right to our method to truss the bird and get cooking. It's an easy instal, an easy cook, and easy cleanup - and deserves consideration for inclusion in your grilling toolbox.
chicken sitterA Deep Bench
If cooking on a spit is too much of a whole-bird commitment, you can check down to the beer can method. You can just use a can, but a little hardware goes a long way. Weber's poultry roaster is designed for use with their Gourmet BBQ System but works on any grill. Two big bonuses with this method are 1) you have the option of roasting veggies in the chicken juices, and 2) it's a much easier way to get your bird on & off the grill. No chicken? No problem. Pull out the insert & it doubles as an awesome grill basket.
basketBasket Ball
Grilling baskets are a great choice if you're in the mood for fajitas on the grill. Cut chicken into cubes, add sliced peppers and onions, season up & fire away in a deep grill basket. A shallow basket is a good choice for sliced peppers or asparagus, but we get a lot of miles out of both baskets & have a ball doing it.
You might be celebrating Easter, Passover, Spring Break, the boys of summer, or good basketball playoffs - we just hope you have a good time & get the chance to enjoy the people around you.

We'll see you at the grill.
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