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Determine Your Weber Gas Grill Model

If it's been a while since you purchased your grill, you may be a little fuzzy on which model you have - This guide should help with Weber grills that are 5-10 years old. If you're unsure, you can always give us a ring at 850-622-9146 & we'll be happy to help. You can also see all of our Weber parts here.

There are many different Weber grill model names however the correct part selection can be completed with easy measurements and certain model distinctions. It's still a good idea to measure all parts and compare to the descriptions before completing your order.
Weber grill with 2 Burner Control Knobs
Two control knobs.
If your model has two controls with 2 burners which set front and back, it's a Spirit 500, Silver A, or (after 2007) Spirit E-210.

Click here for the Weber Spirit E-210, Spirit 500 and Silver-A grill replacement parts.

 Weber gas grill with 3 Burner Control Knobs
Three control knobs.
All of the other (older) models have three knobs controlling three burners, (front, center and rear).

We can narrow these choices by examining the drip vaporizer bars, which are the metal tents above the burners.

Weber Grills with 13 Flavorizer Bars
If there are 13 bars, the grill is an early Genesis or Platinum series model, designed with a 5 long bar and 8 short bar set in a crisscross pattern.

The short bars measure 16" and the long bars are 23-3/8".

Here is the list for the early model Weber Genesis Series parts.

Weber Grills with 5 Flavorizer Bars
Finally, the older models that remain are designed with 5 bars. There are three choices below: 22-1/2", 23-3/8", or 24-1/2".

Weber Genesis Silver B/Silver C Grill
5 Bars 22-1/2" long.
If your flavorizer bars are 22-1/2" long, your grill is a Weber Genesis Silver B or Weber Genesis Silver C. Here's the parts list for your grill.

Weber Platinum Grills
5 Bars 23-3/8" long.
If your flavorizer bars are 23-3/8" long, you have a Genesis Platinum B or Platinum C grill (circa 2000-2004). Here are the grill parts for your model.

Weber Genesis 300 Series
5 Bars 24-1/2" long.
If your flavorizer bars are 24-1/2" long, your grill is a Weber Genesis 300 series, which were introduced in 2007. Here's the parts list for your grill.

Still stumped?

If you haven't seen your model or aren't confident about your choice, just give us a ring at 850-622-9146 & we'll figure it out together. You can also see a complete Weber parts list here.

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