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Weber Q300, Q320 & Q3200 Grill Parts: Weber Q300/320 And Q3000/3200 Burner Tube Set

Weber Q300/320 And Q3000/3200 Burner Tube Set

Item #65032
Burner tube set for Weber Q300/320 and Q3000/3200 models.  Set includes one "P" shaped burner tube, one "straight" burner tube, mounting hardware and installation instructions.  Overall burner assembly length is 23-3/4", including mounting tab. Center burner tube measures 21-1/4".  This burner set fits the newer Q3000/3200 (2014 to Current) and the older Q300/320 (2013 and Older) models.  IMPORTANT: The igniter electrode from the older Q300/320 models (2013 and Older) will "NOT" work properly for this redesigned burner set.  If you are installing part 65032 into an older Q300/320 model (2013 and Older), it may be necessary to install a new igniter kit, Part 60092 (Manual) or Part 63788 (Electronic).  Genuine Weber Part.


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