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How-to: Char-Broil Padio Caddie Repair

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Patio Caddie Burner Replacement
1. Remove the shroud behind the control valve. Squeeze the ears of the old pushbutton with a pair of pliers from behind to remove it. Snap in the new pushbutton. Attach the wire to the end of the button.

2. Install the burner from inside the grill, through the shroud and over the valve tip. Be sure the end of the burner tube rests over the valve tip. Secure the burner with two short screws and nuts. Reinstall the shroud.

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3. Install the heat plate supports. The long screw goes through the bottom. Next slide on the spacer. Secure the screw with one of the nuts. The lock washer on the nut faces down to the bottom of the grill.
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Char-broil Patio Caddie
4. Install the electrode through the bottom. The long wire tip of the electrode goes into the grill first. Secure with short screw and nut.

Patio Caddie repair - Heat Plate
5. Set the heat plate on the supports and secure with the three acorn nuts. Attach the wire to the electrode.

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