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Collector Box/Shield for Electrode, Alfresco (Replaces OEM Part 100-1848)

Item #IG50
"Collector box/Shield" for main burner igniter electrode. Quality 304 Grade stainless steel construction. One inch wide "L" shaped shield measures 3" X 2-1/4". Features a mounting bracket/tab with a single screw hole. This is the collector box/shield only, if the electrode is needed see part 1769-89. Fits Alfresco Models: AGBQ-30, AGBQ-30C, AGBQ-30CD, AGBQ-30IR, AGBQ-30IRC, AGBQ-30SZ, AGBQ-30SZC, AGBQ-42, AGBQ-42C, AGBQ-42SZ, AGBQ-42SZC, AGBQ-56, AGBQ-56BFG, ALX2-30, ALX2-30C, ALX2-30CD, ALX2-30IR, ALX2-30IRC, ALX2-30IRCD, ALX2-30SZ, ALX2-30SZC, ALX2-30SZCD, ALX2-42, ALX2-42C, ALX2-42RFG, ALX2-42SZ, ALX2-42SZC, ALX2-42SZRFG, ALX2-56, ALX2-56BFG, ALX2-56BFGC, ALX2-56BFGR, ALX2-56C, ALX2-56SZ, ALX2-56SZC, ALX242SZL Replaces OEM Part 100-1848. Quality Aftermarket Part.
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