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2-Stage Low Pressure 30" Hose/Regulator Assembly

Item #106238-30
2-Stage low pressure hose and regulator assembly. Features a 30" long hose (the overall length of the complete assembly is 39"), 3/8" ID high pressure hose, 3/8" flare fitting hex nut for the appliance end connection and a POL green hand nut for the propane tank connection. This BBQ Grill Regulator is used for connecting commercial grade BBQ & Catering Grills requiring gas input in excess of 100,000 BTUs per hour to a propane tank via high volume green Type 1 tank connection. The green Type 1 allows a higher volume of gas to pass through the tank connection before going into bypass mode. One 3/8" to 3/4" brass adapter included.  Used for LP (Propane) gas only.
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