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Super Flipper Spatula - Stainless Steel - (18-1/4in.)

Item #SF-1

Heavy duty stainless steel 18-1/4in. Super Flipper Spatula, with solid wood comfortable grip handle, and durable stainless steel hanger ring. The Super Flipper Spatula features a curved face design for easy perfect flips and is extra long, measuring 18-1/4in. from end to end. It’s great for flipping multiple burgers and is great on griddles.

The heavyweight champion of spatulas – the Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Super Flipper Spatula. 
This spatula means business, with a solid stainless steel body that can handle even the heftiest of steaks, and large enough to scoop up multiple burgers at a time. Comfortable grip handle – crafted from solid wood, it feels like a dream in your hand, giving you the control you need to dominate the grill.

Where the stainless steel Super Flipper really shines – its curved face design. With a specially engineered curve, it makes flipping burgers, steaks, and veggies a breeze. Say goodbye to awkward flips and hello to perfect grilling every time.

At 18-1/4in. from end to end, this spatula isn't messing around. It's got the reach you need to tackle even the largest grills with ease. Plus, with a durable stainless steel hanger ring, you can hang it up proudly when you're not busy slinging burgers.

So, if you're serious about grilling perfection, don't settle for anything less than the Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Super Flipper Spatula. 

Suggested Retail: $16.50
Our Price: $9.99
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