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Grease Catch Pan Liners - 10 Pack - (11in. x 5in.)

Item #6417

Genuine Weber® Grills easy to clean, disposable aluminum foil disposable grease drip pan liners. Perfect-fit 11in. x 5in. Liners, 10 per package.

A simple disposable drip pan liner will save you from greasy maintenance. Line the drip tray of your grill and make the disposal of grease easy and clean!


  • Weber Smoke Fire, Weber Summit Gold 6-Burner, Platinum 6-Burner, Summit S-400, S-600, Genesis II and Genesis II LX 400/600 Series.

What’s Included:

  • (10) Weber Aluminum Foil Grease Tray Liners (11in. x 5in. x 2-1/2in.)


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