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LP Gas Supply/Tanks

LP Gas is short for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Also called propane or bottled gas, LP gas is highly flammable. It becomes liquid when stored under high pressure inside a cylinder and vaporizes when released.

Tank Level

The best way to tell cylinder level is by the weight of the cylinder. Standard cylinder capacity is 20 lb. of propane. Full cylinder weight should be approximately 38 pounds. A full tank is heavy! Accessory options are available which will measure gas flow and give a tank level indication.

Connecting the Tank

The standard style valve outlet is a left-hand thread and tightens in a counter-clockwise rotation. Likewise, turning the hexnut clockwise disconnects the P.O.L. valve or regulator assembly.

Filling the Tank

Not a self service operation! The LP dealer will have a qualified person available to run the equipment that fills the LP Tank.
A cylinder POL Plug should always be used in the cylinder valve outlet when the cylinder is being transported and when the cylinder is not connected to the grill. The cylinder should not be stored in a building, garage or any other enclosed area. Store outdoors in a well ventilated area.

Tank Age

The date manufactured is stamped into the guard surrounding the cylinder valve. (This guard also acts as the carrying handle.) Cylinders should be re-certified after 12 years from this date. Re-certification can generally be done by a local propane distributor. The charge is $5 to $10 and the tanks are tagged and certified for another 5 year period.

Rusty Tank

Cylinders can be repainted with a rust preventative type paint. Remove loose rust with sandpaper or steel wool and clean away any grease or oils. Do not paint valve assembly and do not paint over warning labels. Mask off valve assembly and warning labels if using spray paint. Use white, or off-white paint with the color specified for propane tanks. Light colored paints will help reflect heat when exposed to the sun.

Modern Tanks

These tanks have an internal thread to accomodate standard POL fittings and also have an external thread to accomodate new grills with the Marshall Type large Acme nut. New style tanks have an internal check valve which prevents gas flow until a leak tight connection is made. Compare local pricing of a new tank as the cost of the adapter may be nearly as much as the cost of a new tank!

Modern Tank with an Older Model Grill

You can use a new style tank with an older model standard POL fitting. The new style tank valves have internal threads which allow you to connect the standard POL fitting in a counter-clockwise rotation.

Low or Weak Flame

The new style QCC Tanks have a safety feature built into the tank valve which restricts the flow of gas to a low level if the valve senses release above a certain level. This feature appears to be causing some malfunctions. Opening the propane tank valve full open may cause the safety device to activate. Open the valve on top of the tank 1/4 to 1/2 turn only. Do not open all the way. To reset the internal valve turn the tank off. Disconnect the hose and regulator. Wait 5 minutes. Hook the grill back up and slowly open the tank valve one quarter of a turn.

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Please note: The information provided is not intended to take the place of the owners manual that was supplied with your grill. Specific safety, repair and maintenance information varies between grill models and brands. Always refer to your owners manual.